Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The "Roberts Girls"

For those of you who don’t know, I have two sisters. Two younger, beautiful, smart, talented sisters, whom I love dearly. I’m sure we haven’t always gotten along. You would have to ask my parents about that though, because I really don’t remember much fighting. I remember growing up with them and having small issues with them borrowing my things, and there might have been the occasional moment of frustration after days of  playing Barbies together (which we did big...every room of the house was a different place for them to visit. I mean, we took an entire day just to set up the houses, choose and name our barbies, and get our stories started. Playing Barbies was serious stuff at our house), but I can’t recall a major time when we didn’t like each other or were constantly fighting. 

I’m in Guymon right now. Emily’s (the “middle child”) wedding shower is this weekend. Brian left this morning for a conference, so Noah and I decided to spend the extra time in Guymon. I was texting Katey (the “baby”...although she is not a baby any longer, of course!) this morning about when she and Emily were going to be in Guymon, and she said something that just made me cry. We were talking about her and Emily possibly staying at Grandma’s house since that is where Noah and I are staying. She said, “I just doubt that there will be many more times when we are all without our significant others. So I thought it would be fun to stay there too.” Now, there is nothing particularly sad or sentimental about that statement, but it just brought up fond memories and a wealth of emotion. Emily is getting married in less than two months. Katey is engaged and will be getting married next summer. My baby sisters are growing up, and I’m finding it a little tougher than anticipated! Within the time span of a little over a year, both will have graduated from college and gotten married. We are all going to be adults! It’s all happening so quickly. Brian and I got married four years ago. I knew all three of us would be married one day, and I knew Katey and Emily’s weddings would be closer together because they are closer in age, but I guess I just didn’t think it would all be so close! 

Back to Katey’s statement...I distinctly remember the night before my wedding. We had our rehearsal dinner at Mom and Dad’s house. We were also going to have my bachelorette/pj party at the house as well. I believe all of my bridesmaids (2 close friends and Emily and Katey) were all staying with me at Grandma’s house, although Emily and Katey might have been staying at the other house. Before the party, while the others were “setting up” and chatting, Mom, Emily, Katey, and I were all in Mom and Dad’s room. We were sitting on the bed in our pajamas just talking about anything and everything. I remember thinking...this is the last night the “Roberts girls” will all be “Roberts Girls.” (We will forever and ever be “Roberts girls” of course, but the next day, I would be a Bailey as well.) That is very much one of my favorite memories, not only of my wedding, but of all time. What Katey said today very much reminded me of that. In fact, this might possibly be the first time we are all together in Guymon, just the girls (Dad will be around, of course, and Noah will definitely be the star of the weekend!), since that night.  We have, of course, all seen each other and been together since then, but not for an extended time like this and not usually without husbands/boyfriends/fiancees, and not in Guymon.

We are planning weddings and starting families...for real, not for our Barbies! I’m very much looking forward to how our lives will change and our relationships will grow as well all become wives and mommies together. I can’t wait for them both to experience the joy and excitement of the new chapters of their lives (and to join me in the married, and eventually, mom, world). But for now, for this one weekend, we will all stay at Grandma’s together...because who knows how often we will get to be just the “Roberts girls.” 

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