Monday, July 2, 2012

Too Quiet

We had a wonderful weekend visiting family and decided very last minute to let Noah spend a little extra time with grandparents and great-grandparents. My mom asked if they could keep Noah and bring him back on Wednesday. He's stayed away from home without us once before when I attended a women's retreat, and he did great, so I had no problems leaving him for a few days. I knew I would be sad without him but also knew it would be a good chance to get a few extra things done around the house. Plus, he will have a blast because he loves playing both at Grammy & Bop's (or Pop...we can't decide which he is saying!) and Grandma & Da's, and my family will all enjoy the extra time with him! I checked in yesterday, and he had eaten pancakes, gone to church, played outside, napped, played with his great-aunt, and devoured Da's "homemade" popcorn. 

Things were a bit different here for us. We went to church as usual, but I didn't have to rush around to get myself and a toddler ready for church. After church we had lunch out, which is rare because we are usually rushing home to quickly eat lunch and get Noah in bed for a nap. Then, I took an hour and a half nap (also not typical!). Brian woke me up to get ready, and we headed to the movies to watch The Avengers. (I know...we are a little behind.) The movie was fantastic! We splurged and bought popcorn and I wasn't very hungry for dinner out after the movie, so we just went home. Our evening was very uneventful. I think I took off my nail polish, watched some Olympic trials, and started laundry while Brian finished some work, and that was about it. It was a lovely day. 

But...'s too quiet here. 

It is crazy how quickly your life changes after becoming a parent. It has been over 20 months (which really isn't that long...) since my house has been this quiet during the day, and it just feels so odd. It's not normal. It's funny how fast your "normal" can change. I'm sort of lost. Like, I have not been able to keep track of what time it is. I haven't had a toddler to put in bed for naps and "night-night" at particular times. I'm sure it will be a little different when I have some lessons to teach tomorrow. 

My day today has been a blur and hasn't quite been as productive as anticipated. I slept in some (until 7), did a few things around the house, and sat down to do a little Bible study around 8:30 this morning. I decided after I had some breakfast that I was going to write a new blog post and change some things on my blog. Well...that led to accidentally deleting my blog background/design which apparently no longer exists because I couldn't find it anywhere! So, I looked and looked for something new. I'm indecisive and had a lot of trouble picking something and ended up very frustrated because I spent time making a new header and it didn't work like I wanted it to. I also had some weird problem with a background that I had tried out and kept coming back on it's own. And then there's the whole "new interface" on blogger. I was ready to do something drastic like move to Wordpress and create a whole new blog or completely give up. Then, somehow, I solved my weird problem and quickly uploaded a new template I found that I just kind of liked. I'm still don't know that I'm crazy about it so it will probably all change again soon. Plus it's all "pre-made" which is nice but I can only edit certain things. I kind of like to have more control than that. And, I'm OCD so I had to go back and change something on every single one of my posts. It's almost 4:00. I have managed to do a little laundry, drink coffee, eat two meals, change out of pjs, talk to my sister, and have a quiet time (not necessarily in that order!). And, I'm finally writing the blog post that was supposed to be done around 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. 

I think I'm slightly more productive when I have a toddler around, and it's not so quiet! 

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