Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break

I'm up early this morning, so I thought I would catch up. My little man woke up at 5:00 and was back to sleep by 5:30, but unfortunately that wasn't the case for his Mama. While I am disappointed that I was never able to go back to sleep (after about an hour of trying), the quietness and stillness of the house at this time is kind of pleasant. Maybe I'll do this more often...we'll see! :)

It's been well over a week, and I'm still trying to completely recover from the awful sinus infection or whatever it was (because honestly, I'm still not even sure!). Mom and Katey came on Tuesday evening and were more than ready and willing to help out around the house and with Noah on Wednesday. Fortunately, I woke up feeling much, much better, so after lounging around in the morning, we got out for lunch and some errands. Thursday went much the same way. Thursday evening I packed up, and Noah and I headed to Guymon with them to spend the weekend there and to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. We had such a great time. It's so fun to see how much more he interacts with family as he grows! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend:

Playing at the station
Da gave us a great tire to sit in!

Grandma-Great found some good toys,
 as well as a 53 year old high chair!

 We also got to try out a new hairstyle...

...and play the piano!

After a great weekend, we jumped back into regular life. Mom brought us back home on Sunday afternoon. She had some doctor appointments on Monday morning, then she went with Noah and me to Kindermusik class before heading back to Guymon. I resumed lessons on Monday afternoon, and it was back to life as usual. It always is hard to return to the "normal" after a break, especially since this break seemed exceptionally long due to a different teaching schedule the week before spring break. So, I really had like a week and a half off for spring break, which was just wonderful! However, it hasn't turned out so wonderful for the little man. He was a perfect little guy the whole time we were in Guymon and hardly even fussed. I just don't think he was ready for mom to go back to teaching! As soon as his Monday afternoon babysitter arrived, he started crying and screaming and hasn't been the same since. Waking and playing time is good and hasn't changed much but nap time is horrendous! He's always been a little resistant of naps. I think he's just a very alert and active baby and doesn't want to miss anything. He now seems to be expressing just how much he does not want to sleep by screaming and crying as loud as he possibly can. It has taken approximately 45-60 minutes per nap for him to fall asleep (as opposed to the usual 10-20 minutes) and then he sleeps for about the same amount of time (45-60 min). On Wednesday afternoon after trying to get him to sleep for over an hour, I just had to leave him safely in his bed and escape to the backyard, listen to some Christy Nockles and Kari Jobe (so thankful for the reminders that my God is a mighty fortress and that He is always for me and on my side!), and pray at my baby's window.  (Oh, I should also explain that Tuesday night was exceptionally rough. Our wonderful baby monitor with the sensor that is supposed to help prevent SIDS kept going off because my adventurous, wiggly little boy likes to sleep at the very edge of the crib, far away from the sensor pad. After 3 or 4 times of that within a few hours and trying to figure out how to change settings, which was unsuccessful, we switched to a back-up monitor we purchased for travel in order to get some, I was a little more sleep deprived than normal on Wednesday.) By the time I came back inside 5-10 minutes later, he was sound asleep. 

After sleeping much better (me) on Wednesday night, Thursday was a much more positive experience. He still resisted every nap, but there were far less tears and frustration for me. He's doing okay at night. He is not falling asleep as quickly as he has in the past, but it is better than nap time. Hopefully this is only a phase that will last a few days. I always feel the need to find a solution or at least a reason for every problem. Using my analysis skills to the best of my ability, I have determined that he is just getting older and more inquisitive. His brain is growing and developing, and he just wants to stay awake to play and explore! Plus, he spent a lot of time with his Mama over break and maybe he just doesn't want to go back to life as usual. We broke routine a tad by going out of town. As much as we love to visit family in Guymon, we've decided we are staying put for at least a month! We did have a time change thrown in there too...  I am proud to report that on Wednesday night at church, a friend told us there were 6 little ones in the nursery and 5 out of 6 were screaming when he walked by, but our little man was perfectly content! Yay Noah! 

I hear my sweet boy stirring, and I need to start getting ready for Knickerbocker class (baby/preschool music and movement classes I'm helping a friend out with for several weeks). 

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