Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 3

Today I was reminded of how thankful I am for my two younger sisters. (I dedicated a whole long sentimental post to them not too long ago, so I'll keep this brief!) I received my invitation today for my youngest sister's senior art show. I also picked up her wedding dress for her (YIKES!!! Still can't believe both my sisters will have husbands by the end of next summer.) I also was writing thank-you notes to both of them for Noah's birthday party (sorry girls...ruined that surprise! They are on they way.)  All that caused me to think about how much I love and appreciate them. My sisters are both beautiful, super talented, and incredibly caring. They are fabulous aunts to my little man, and I can always count on them for help, advice, or a laugh! So thankful God blessed me with two wonderful sisters! Love you girls! 

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